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Product details of Faber 1400W Vacuum Cleaner FVC-214

Clean your house like never before

Looking to invest in a good vacuum cleaner? Sweep and wipe no more because the Faber 1400W Vacuum Cleaner FVC-214 is here to save the day. This vacuum cleaner allows to clean your house in half the time it used to. With its innovative Cyclone technology, you are able to get rid of hard to reach dirt and dust particles. The powerful suctions means that it can suck up a wide range of materials, including liquids and small objects. Also, the Faber 1400W Vacuum Cleaner FVC-214 is designed to produce as little noise as possible.

Features that don’t suck

The Faber 1400W Vacuum Cleaner FVC-214 comes equipped with features that rival even the best in the market. With a power usage of 1400W, high performance and fast cleaning are guaranteed every time. Also, this vacuum cleaner includes the High Efficiency Particular Air Filter (HEPA) which ensures quality air that is free from dust and impurities. In addition, the 1.5L dust container allows you to vacuum your house numerous times before the full dust indicator alerts you that it needs to be changed.

Cyclone Technology
1400 W
265H x 285W x 475LMM
Gross 5.7kg x Nett: 5.2kg

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