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  • Smooth touch controls – Intuitive smooth touch controls panel make it easy to operate
  • Best in class air flow design – zero blind angle, ensures optimum air suction and pure air flow to enable high efficiency of purification in operating environment.
  • Effective Air Quality Sensor – Precision sensor that ensure real time monitoring and efficient air quality inspection.
  • Visual indicator for Air Quality – Light and color signals help you keep an eye on indoor air quality.
  • User-friendly DIY Filter replacement – the screwless tray compartment enables easy removal/ replacement of filters, and its auto power off function to ensure safety.
  • Efficient filter replacement indicator – accurately notifies you which filter to change through light and number signals.
  • Sleep mode – Low noise of operation with built in sleep mode and light off to minimize disturbance
  • Energy efficient – the automatic shut off feature and reduced power consumption enable cost-savings for your household.
  • Award winning design – The sleek design enhances your décor while the poly-carbonate body ensures durability
  • Child Lock & Anti-fall detection – safety features for better peace of mind.
  • Three stages advanced filtration system that removes <99% PM2.5 and microscopic allergens, formaldehydes, odor and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound).

Wattage : 34W – 53W
Coverage Area : 323 sq. ft (30 m2)
PM2.5 CADR : 250 m3/hr
Noise : 46 -60 dB(A)
PM2.5 Digital Display : No
Child Lock : Yes
Sleep Mode : Yes
Silent Operation : Yes
Product Dimension : 382 x 207 x 486 mm
Product Weight : 6.5 kg
Colour : Classic White

Air Touch A5 pre-filter by Honeywell
DIY (Do It Yourself) Filter No 1, no need of service engineer visits
Easily Washable, high quality filter
Wash with water when the alert is displayed on touch panel
Helps improve the life of Compound (HEPA + Activated Carbon) filter
Effectively removes larger dust particles including PM10, hair, animal dander etc

Compound (HEPA + Activated Carbon) Filter
Air Touch A5 Compound Filter by Honeywell, power of high grade HEPA and activated carbon technology combined into one filter
Do It Yourself Filter No 2, no need of service engineer visits
Removes PM2.5 and microscopic allergens
Purifies up to 0.3 um particulate matter
Removes formaldehydes, Volatile Organic Compounds and odor.
Improved life of up to 3000 hours* and high efficiency
Not washable, replace when alert blinks on touch panel
* Subject to usage & indoor air quality

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