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Modern style, personality

Mitsubishi Electric 251 liter refrigerator MR-FV28EM owns a modern design, personality in the same color brown light luxury, helping your kitchen space more prominent, eye-catching.

Refrigerator with capacity  251 liters suitable for families with 3 to 5 members.


Neuro Inverter technology saves electricity

The Mitsubishi refrigerator is equipped with Mitsubishi's leading energy saving technology, the Neuro Inverter . This technology helps to adjust the temperature to suit the needs of your family while maximizing energy savings, saving up to 45% compared to the refrigerator.  usually, common, normal.


Antimicrobial deodorant ensures food safety

The fridge is also equipped with Mitsubishi Electric MR-FV28EM  refrigerator with antimicrobial silver molecules that not only prevent bacterial growth, but also the ability to kill more than 99% of bacteria in 24 hours, clean the smell. foul odor, ensure fresh food, adequate nutrients for the family members.

An antibacterial cabinet

Prevent vegetables to create vitamins through photosynthesis

The Mitsubishi Electric 251-liter MR-FV28EM refrigerator is also available as a vegetable compartment for vitamins and helps to maintain optimum vegetables. At the same time, increasing the amount of vitamin C in vegetables provides better nutrition for the user.

Refrigerator Mitsubishi Electric 231 liters MR-FV28EM-BR-V - Prevent fruit vegetable to create vitamin photosynthesis

Glass shelves bearing trays

Mitsubishi Electric refrigerators are also equipped with durable, lightweight glass trays that allow you to comfortably place food without worrying about their weight. In addition, this glass tray design makes it easy to clean, clean the refrigerator without the glass broken.



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